We are so excited that you want to join us for this season! We hope you have had time to look around the website and find the great things this club has to offer!

Here is a comparison of the benefits you get with the different levels of membership.

Full Member

  • Access to UWATC Social Events
  • Access to UWATC training
  • Priority Race Entry
  • Discount Race Entry
  • Race and Training Insurance

Social Membership



In order to train with UWATC, you will need to be a member.  Memberships are paid via Triathlon Australia.

For more information and to sign up, visit Triathlon Australia here. You have three options.

  • Full Triathlon Australia and UWATC membership: Preferred option – if you plan on racing for UWATC next season, sign up for full membership. This gives you many benefits including insurance while training and racing amongst others.
  • UWATC secondary membership: If you are a full member of another club but train with UWATC (details here).
  • Social membership: For those who only wish to train with UWATC and/or attend social events, sign up for social membership. Keep in mind, social membership does not include training and racing insurance.

The Triathlon Australia website has excellent instructions, but please contact the UWATC Committee if you require any assistance or clarification.